19Hyein and Sukhee's paper was published in Cell Reports ! Level 102023-10-0267
18Joonho and Hyein won the excellent post award at the 15th Annual Conference of KSND !! Level 102023-09-2829
17Juyeong won an excellent post award at the 26th KSBNS conference !! Level 102023-09-1235
16이혜인 학생, 제 39회 한국노화학회 추계학술대회 신진과학자상 수상 및 발표 Level 102022-12-1886
15조준호 학생 '2022년 이공분야 학문후속세대지원 박사과정생 연구장려지원 부분' 선정 Level 102022-06-0371
14한국한의학연구원과 공동 개발한 알츠하이머 치료 조성물 기술 12억 기술이전 체결 Level 102022-06-0379
13Sukhee's paper was published in FASEB J !! Level 102021-08-3161
12Se-In's paper was published in Stem Cell Reports !! Level 102021-08-3151
11Se-In is awarded the NRF doctoral fellowship!! Level 102021-06-1767
10Sukhee is awarded the NRF postdoctoral fellowship !! Level 102020-09-2692
9Woojin's review paper was published in Mol Cells !! Level 102019-11-19132
8Woojin won excellent post award from the Spring International Conference of the Korean Soc.. Level 102019-07-29114
7Our first review paper was published in Int. J. Mol. Sci !! Level 102018-11-27182
6Jinsoo was selected as a 2019 TJ POSCO Science Fellow Level 102018-10-28125
5Jinsoo received the Young Investigation Colloquia Award from the APSN Level 102018-07-12152
4Our APOE4 research published in Neuron is on the MIT news, the Boston Globe and Alzforum !.. Level 102018-06-20166
3DGIST 뇌·인지과학전공 뇌노화 실험실(Aging Brain Laboratory) - 'Korean Society for Molecular and Cellula.. Level 102018-06-20260
2Jinsoo is invited to the Annual Canadian Neuroscience Meeting Level 102018-06-20100
1Jinsoo received the Travel Award from Japan Neuroscience Society Level 102018-06-20143